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Gatco Sharpening System

February 20, 2020

I purchased this Gatco Edgemate Sharpening system well over 20 years ago. It's a fantastic kit that's still readily available today. Lanskey also makes a similar product that is sold locally although its not quite as refined as the Gatco System.



The kit I have is their 3 stone kit in standard oil stones, there is now a kit available with more stones and diamond stones. My kit has a coarse, medium and fine stones while the larger kit adds Extra Corse and a pointy stone for sharpening serrated edges.



These kits come with a knife clamp to securely hold the knife blade, holes along the top & bottom are marked with degrees so you can choose at what bevel you would like on your blade. The rod in the stone pulls out and acts as a guide to keep the stone at the perfect angle with every pass. I also have the optional Easy Grip Clamp Mount that makes holding the system much easier especially on bigger knives.



All the stones and knife clamp store neatly away in a very durable carrying case. I have a lot of hours on these stones and they are now worn uneven which causes my knives not to become quite as sharp, which isn't bad for 20 years of service. My next kit will probably be the larger kit with diamond stones.

Cheers, Mike

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