Bassan's Product Review:

Vanguard Quest M62 Shooting Stick

Feb 21, 2022

A shooting support is a handy item to have when moose hunting; it provides a steady rest for your rifle, will help reduce gun movement in windy conditions and some models can also double as a walking stick. Different types are available Ė tripods, bipods and sticks. I went with a Vanguard Quest M62 shooting stick with the U-shaped yoke because itís a smaller package and lighter to carry than the bipod or tripod models.

The Quest M62 is well built with a foam grip, quick flip leg locks, a wide U shaped yoke with rubber fins and has a karabiner to attach to your back pack. It also has a hand strap for easy carrying. The Quest M62 extends up to 62Ē in length so itís great for just about any terrain and standing shots. It compresses to 26Ē for easy carrying.

The Quest M62 retails for about $55 at Outdoor Pros (not a sponsor). There are several brands of shooting supports/sticks available but get a sturdy one if you decide to get one. I had a less expensive model from another manufacturer but it didnít last very long. The leg locks broke in the cold after only a few uses.


Cheers, A. Bassan

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