Mike's Product Review:

Leupold BX-2 Cascades Binoculars

Feb. 20, 2020

When it comes to purchasing Binoculars there are a heck of a lot of choices on the market, most people have their favorite brands but there can still be an overwhelming number of choices within your budget.



I picked up these Leupold BX-2 Cascades about 10 years ago after a lot of reading and research and have been extremely impressed with them to date. They are 10x42, nitrogen filled, and have a nice amour coating for protection and to provide excellent grip and a very comfortable feel in your hands during all weather conditions.



The quality of the prisms is fantastic especially at the price point, the Cascades also have a diopter focus which allows you to adjust the binoculars to account for differences between your two eyes. These have served me great for the last 10 years and will continue to see regular duty long into the foreseeable future!

Cheers, Mike

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