Bassan's Product Review:

Kolpin & Pack Rack ATV Gun Racks

Feb 21, 2022


There are several options for transporting a firearm on an ATV when hunting. For longer rides to a hunting area or cabin, a gun case provides the best protection but the gun isn’t easily accessible if needed quickly. Carrying the gun on your back with a strap isn’t ideal either.


Kolpin Rhino Grip XL:

A popular option is an ATV mounted gun rack. Kolpin (not a sponsor) makes the Rhino Grip. They look great with nice mounting hardware and enough adjustability that they should work in many applications. The rubber grips should also keep guns in place when riding. They were on sale Canadian Tire (not a sponsor) for under $40 so I decided to give them a try.



The Rhino Grips may work fine for certain applications but this style of gun rack did not work well on my Honda Foreman. The base attached firmly to the front rack but there was too much movement within the grip itself. The rifle moved so much that it would actually hit the headlight. I returned them for a refund.


Pack Rack:

Mike liked the gun rack he installed on his Argo so I decided to try that type. I found the Pack Rack ATV Gun Rack from All Rite Products (not a sponsor) on Amazon for less than $50 so I ordered them. The Pack Rack has mounting hardware for many applications. I got the mounting system designed for round tubing style ATV racks. The Pack Rack is adjustable for height, rotates 360 degrees and are covered in soft rubber. Rubber bands or snubbers keep the gun from bouncing out of the rack.

The install was easy and the grips fit securely on my front rack. They’re a smaller design than the Rhino Grips and work much better for my setup. With this style of mounting hardware, I could install the grips more forward on the ATV rack which provided more clearance with the headlight.

There was only one minor issue. The rifle barrel rested too low in the grip so I made a spacer to raise the barrel in the grip. I used an old rubber hose and zip ties to make the spacer. Simple solution but it works great.



The rifle moves very little in the Pack Rack. The top section of the grips easily remove for when they’re not in use. Just loosen the wing nut and remove from the base. I keep mine in the front storage box when not in use.


The Pack Rack by All Rite Products is a great product and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a good quality ATV gun rack at a reasonable price.


Safety Note: guns must be unloaded when transported. Safety first.


Cheers, A. Bassan

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