Bassan's Product Review:

Peet Boot Dryer

January 10, 2021

Most rubber boots will trap moisture inside the boot after a long day of walking – especially in warm weather - which can be quickly absorbed by the boot liner. Sweat is the common culprit boots can also get damp from wet clothing or going in water deeper than your boot height. The Original Peet Dryer is designed to dry out your boot overnight and uses a small 36 watt heating element and convection air flow. The Single Peet Boot Dryer unit retails on Amazon (not a sponsor) for about $65. Cabela's (not a sponsor) also carries their own branded model, it’s basically the Peet model with a Cabela's sticker on it.



My buddy Troy gave my father a boot dryer a few years ago and he uses it after every hunt. I bought one this year and think it’s good product to have. It dries your boots overnight and also leaves them nice and warm –great for those cold days. The Peet Boot Dryer is safe for use on all materials and also helps eliminate odor and bacteria growth on the boot liners by keeping them dry. The boot dryer can also be used to dry gloves, hats, helmets and a variety of other items with the use of different attachments. Although, I did dry a pair of gloves without any attachment – seemed to work fine.


Cheers, BASSAN

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