Bassan's Product Review:

Muck Boot Arctic Pro

February 21, 2022

I have been wearing a pair of Muck Boot Woody Sport boots for close to 10 years now. They’ve been great boots for late fall and even winter hunting and other outdoor winter activities like ice-fishing, snow shoeing and clearing snow from the driveway. All this despite not being considered a winter boot. My feet stayed warm most days but they would get cold ice fishing after standing on ice for long periods. They don’t offer as much ankle support as my Lacrosse Alphaburly Pros, but still offer a reasonable amount of support for walking.

The rubber uppers are starting to crack so it is time for a new pair of winter boots. I looked at several different brands and models at Outdoor Pros (not a sponsor) but I liked my Woody Sport boots so I decided to go with another Muck Boot model but with more insulation. The Arctic Pro boots offered all of the same features as my Woody Sport boots but with thicker neoprene insulation and a fleece lined interior for added comfort. The Arctic Pro boots have a comfort rating of -50 to -1 degrees Celsius, which should be great for ice fishing on cold winter days, and retail for about $200.

I’ve worn my Arctic Pros several times now and they’ve been great boots so far - warm and comfortable. Only complaint is that they are not easy to take off. Hopefully, that will improve after they break in.


Cheers, A. Bassan

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