Mike & Bassan's Product Review:

Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro Boots

Jan. 10, 2021

This is my second pair of Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro rubber boots. They retail for around $200 at Outdoor Pros (not a sponsor) and are great boots. They have an 18” height, are lightweight (less than 5 lbs per pair), are made from natural rubber, have a neoprene liner, have excellent outer soles and fit snug which provides excellent support for walking over uneven ground. I did find the boots a little loose on my feet but a thicker insole took care of that. I can best describe them like wearing a good pair of hiking boots.



The Alphaburly Pros are available with different levels of insulation (3.5 mm neoprene, 400, 800 and 1000 grams of thinsulate) and Lacrosse uses Comfort Zone ratings (Mild, Cold and Arctic) to classify their boots. I chose the Mild rated (0 to 22 degrees Celsius) boots and find the 3.5 mm neoprene lining fine for all seasons actually. I went with the standard green colour but they’re also offered in several camo patterns – realtree, mossy oak and the Sitka gore optifade pattern.


These Lacrosse Alphaburly Pros are my main outdoor boots and I use them hunting, trouting and even berry picking. They are definitely the best boots I’ve used for partridge hunting - no more sore feet after a long day on the barrens with these boots! They’re great boots for walking over the barrens, through marshes, rocky trails, mud, water etc. I’d definitely recommend them.



Lacrosse also makes a rubber conditioner that is designed to prevent UV damage and color fading. I’ve treated my new boots and I guess time will tell if regular use of the conditioner will extend the life of the boots.



I bought my first pair about 8 years ago. They’re still in decent shape but one boot started to leak between the sole and upper boot so it was time to replace. I did patch the area and they’re water tight now but I’ll keep them for my backup boots, wearing around the yard on wet days or for ATV rides.



2022 Update:


The Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro boots I purchased in the fall of 2020 developed a rip just above the heel during the 2021 hunting season. The neoprene liner helped minimize water entering the boot but eventually my feet would get wet if I was walking through a lot of wet terrain.

Fortunately, Lacrosse boots have a 1-year warranty which Outdoor Pros (not a sponsor) happily honored with no questions asked. Staff where surprised to see the rip in my boots and told me that they rarely have warranty claims with Lacrosse boots.

I don’t think this is an indication of a quality issue with Lacrosse boots but time will tell. Hopefully, my replacement boots will be as reliable as my first pair have been.



Mike's Review January 2021:

On Bassan's recommendation I picked up a pair of Alphaburly Pros after our Partridge Hunting trip in November 2020.



I chose the Realtree camo pattern as I loved the look and the 400g insulation which should be plenty warm for the hunting I do, I sill have my old boots if it gets real cold.



It's definitely one of the best decisions I made for hunting apparel as these boots are much lighter than my Dunlop Puroforts and much more comfortable for a day in the woods, especially if you have to do a lot of walking.



I've worn them now a number of times Moose Hunting and I'm super pleased with them, very comfortable and easy on the feet after a long day.



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