Mike's Product Review:

Valley Sportsman 8-5/8" Slicer

February 20, 2022

As you may have read, late last year I picked up a Pellet Grill/Smoker. I never really had a need for a meat slicer before, but now making bacon on a fairly regular basis I knew it would be an asset. I checked out a few models at Princess Auto, the 7-1/2" model was difficult to come apart for thorough cleaning so I looked at the 8-5/8" model which was a much better design.



It has a decent 180 watt motor and it just big enough to do what I need to do without breaking the bank. Both the carrier and cutting blade come off the machine without tools for easy cleanup in the sink.



To fit wider slabs of bacon on the carrier I removed the plastic portion of the guard.



This allows me to put larger slabs on an angle for the first 1/3 of he cut, pull the carrier back and proceed the rest of the way.



The slicer works great and will razor shave deli meats, easily cut normal size bacon (much easier if the pork belly has been refrigerated after smoking) and cut right up to 1/2" thick for breads etc.



For the price this unit is great, very good value for the money.


Cheers, Mike

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