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Kitchener 5lb Sausage Stuffer

February 20, 2020

2018 was the first year I tried my hand at making my own sausages. At the time I used the sausage stuffing attachment that came with my new Kitchen Aid meat grinder to a so-so conclusion. The sausages were great but it was a seemingly slow process making them.



Fast forward to fall 2019 and I picked up this Kitchener 5lb sausage suffer on sale at Princess Auto who are now carrying a great variety of reasonably priced Big Game processing equipment.



The machine is easy to assemble, is all stainless steel, and even easier to use. You slide on your sausage casings making sure to put them on tight to get as many inches on as possible, tie over the end, load sausage meat mix into the hopper, and start cranking the handle.



It's an easy one person operation keeping one hand on the end of the tube to control rate of fill into the casings (too fast and they don't fully fill, too slow and they burst), your other hand turns the handle. Because the sausages exit the bottom of the stuffer you don't need a 2nd person to catch them like my old Kitchen Aid set up.


The only recommendation I have for this smaller lightweight stuffer is to clamp it to your work surface, it makes the whole job super easy.



Outdoor Pros sells Sausage spice kits for a reasonable price, you might find it cheaper elsewhere but you usually have to buy a large quantity so for me OP works great. They have many flavours available including Wild Game, Hot & Regular Italian, Honey Garlic, Oktoberfest, and plain binder mix (so you can add your own flavour). I have tried them all and they are all amazing.



These 50lb meat tubs also from Princess Auto are a fantastic tool for processing big game. From storing fresh trimmed meat, catching fresh ground meat from the grinder, to mixing sausage spices, they just work very well.







A large stainless kitchen spoon makes loading the hopper quick and very easy.





These sausage stuffers regardless of size are fantastic. They are a huge upgrade from using the attachment that comes with most electric meat grinders for a very minimal cost. If you are interested in making your own sausages stay tuned for my sausage making tutorial.

Cheers, Mike

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