Matthew's Product Review:

Princess Auto 20LB Sausage Stuffer

Feb. 20, 2020

First of all let me say, this Sausage Stuffer is DEADLY! This 20lb Sausage Stuffer came from princess auto and is by far the easiest way to stuff your own casings when making Sausages, Snackin' Sticks or even Summer Sausage.



This unit works the same way as the 5 & 10lb units, it just has to be refilled a lot less often. It has a two speed manual handle, regular speed for stuffing, and a high speed for reversing the plunger out of the hopper when refilling which is a handy feature.



2019 was the first year for the French Hunting Crew making our own sausages and it went very well. We hand mixed our fresh ground moose with lean ground pork (from Costco) and sausage flavoring kits from Outdoor Pros in the Princess Auto 50lb meat tubs.



A quick Google Search and a couple YouTube videos later and I was a pro forming sausage links!

Cheers, Matt

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