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Princess Auto Meat Grinder

February 20, 2020

Last fall I picked up this awesome Meat Grinder at Princess Auto so the French Hunting Crew could make our own ground meat from our annual big game hunts instead of paying someone else to do it. This also helps maintain cleanliness and quality control over the finished product.



This grinder is a 2/3hp Kitchener electric meat grinder from Princess Auto which was on sale for a fantastic price. Set up is straight forward following the instructions in the box.



The grinder works awesome. It's fast and efficient having no trouble keeping up with the crew trimming up meat. One of the key aspects when making your own ground meat is to trim the crap off the meat before you grind. Cut out blood shot, grizzle and moose fat as it only adds a sour taste to the finished product. We rather quality over quantity.



These meat tubs also from Princess Auto are also fantastic.



Once ground the meat is stored in tubs to be processed into sausages and the rest bagged in Medium Ziploc Bags (which conveniently hold about 2lbs each) to be divided up amongst the crew. Definitely a machine I would recommend, making your own ground meat is easy with this relatively inexpensive piece of equipment.

Cheers, M.J French

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