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Kitchen Aid Pro Meat Grinder

February 20, 2020

Our hunting crew has always processed and deboned our big game ourselves, a couple years ago we decided to try making our own ground meat and sausages. Since my wife already had a Professional Series 575watt Kitchen Aid mixer I decided to pick up the pro series meat grinding attachment as opposed to buying another whole piece of equipment.



At the time you could get a plastic bodied grinder or the pro series all aluminum attachment, I chose the latter as it seemed much stronger and sturdier. The attachment came in a fantastic storage box to keep everything neatly stored and prevent pieces from getting lost.





Overall the meat grinder works extremely well especially on the 575watt machines. Its quick and efficient and has no problem keeping up with the crew cutting/trimming meat.



One of the key aspects when making your own ground meat is to trim the crap off the meat before you grind. Cut out blood shot, grizzle and moose fat as it only adds a sour taste to the finished product. We rather quality over quantity.




I use speed 4 and the medium disc for fast, excellent quality, one pass finished product. Meat is cubed or cut into slices 1" square by 4-5" long and runs through the machine great.


Sausage Stuffing Option:

This grinder attachment also comes with the parts required for stuffing sausages. You remove the cutting disc & sizing plate and install the stuffing disc and put on the sausage casing tube to match the size of your casings, in my case 19mm.



This stuffer is definitely a 2 person job. You need one hand to hold pressure on the casings as they are filled which controls the rate of fill (too fast and they are not full, too slow and they burst), and another hand to continually load the hopper and shove meat down with the safety stick. The second person catches and spirals the filled casings, the machine is so tall that you really need the 2nd person there.



For sausage stuffing this part of the attachment works OK but for a much easier and faster process please see my review on the 5lb & 20lb Princess Auto/Kitchener Sausage Stuffers.







Cheers, Mike

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