Mike's Product Review:

Okuma SLV Fly Reel

February 28, 2022

The Okuma SLV 8/9 large arbour was my very first fly reel when I finally picked up the fly fishing bug in 2021. I got a great deal on this unit as it was a display model on clearance at my local Canadian Tire. I paired it with a beautiful 2nd hand Scott A2 8wt fly rod and headed out to the backyard to begin learning and practicing how to cast.



My supplier didn't have an 8wt line in stock and recommended a 9wt RIO line which he installed with backing.



Overall I'm impressed with this inexpensive reel. For $50 out of pocket I got a cast aluminum housing & spool (vs plastic on most basic reels) and a functional quiet drag system. The drag system is made of multi discs of stainless steel and cork but is NOT sealed.



My only real complaint with the reel is the non sealed drag system. One day on the Lomond I dropped the reel in the water while swapping flies, I soon found the drag adjustment locked solid! I believe the non-sealed drag set up got wet and the corks swelled effectively seizing the adjustment knob. I had to fight with pliers back at camp to get it loosened, taken apart and dried.



Value for the dollar this has been a great reel and ahead of most in its class. A sealed drag system would be better, but now knowing the consequences I can avoid trouble by keeping the reel above water at all times.


Cheers, Mike

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