Mike's Product Review:

3rd Hand Rod Holder

February 28, 2022

I'm not usually one for accessories recommended as "one you gotta have" but I have to say this is one accessory that having used it a lot, now I don't want to go without. I picked up the 3rd Hand Rod Holder at Outdoor Pros and used it all last season. It attached securely to my wading belt and was an unbelievable help.



Being able to hold my fly rod when stood up in the middle of a river was a great benefit. This gave me 2 free hands while swapping flies, taking pics or any other task. I know many people hold their rod with their legs but that's not always an option in deep water, or fast moving water when you need your feet firmly planted.



I got so used to using it that I started using it all the time. It was great for holding my rod secure even when on shore instead of laying it down on the rocks. The rod holder pivots separately from the waist band clip so you can keep your rod tip high and out of the way. For a reasonable price of $35 I found it to be a great investment and definitely recommend.


Cheers, Mike

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