Mike's Product Review:

YETI Rambler 14oz Mug

February 20, 2020

I picked up this Mug at Outdoor Pros as I was looking for a quality insulated mug for my knapsack. I chose the Rambler 14oz as it's short and wide so it doesn't easily tip over when you lay it down.



YETI products are notoriously expensive, however the Rambler Mug isn't too bad. With that being said it works extremely well making it a really great value.  I often lay this mug full of hot coffee directly on snow and the snow does not melt or even stick to the bottom of the mug. Therefore the drink inside stays hot for a long period of time especially with the clear sip lid in place.









I've been carrying this mug in my knapsack and Action Packer for about 3 years now and it still continues to impress. The rubber seal on the lid is still in great shape, the mug works as well as new, even the blue finish is still in perfect shape, a true testament to a quality product.

Cheers, Mike

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