Mike's Product Review:

Coghlan's 1 Cup Coffee Filters

February 20, 2020

For most people a cup of tea or instant coffee is their go to hot beverage for a day in the woods. I really enjoy good coffee and I was excited to find these one cup single use coffee filters at my favourite local outdoor shop. You can find them at places such as Canadian Tire, Mercer's Marine and Outdoor Pros.



These filters are made of regular coffee filter material bonded together to form a pouch. For my large YETI mug I use a heaping tablespoon of my favourite grind, insert the stick as shown above to hang the filter in a mug, and slowly pour boiling water into the filter.



These filters are quick and easy to use and completely biodegradable. I also picked up a pack of 6" Bamboo sticks in case I loose the plastic one that comes in each kit.  Once the pack is opened place it in a Ziploc bag for safe keeping.



Easy five star rating as they are cheap, easy to use, easy to travel with and make fantastic coffee no matter where you are.

Cheers, Mike

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