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Fiskars X11 17" Axe

February 20, 2020

I've had my Fiskars 17" axe for quite a few (10+) years now. I picked this axe as I wanted a solid, compact axe that could bounce around my ATV box and wouldn't easily break, noticeably wear or crack. This durable composite axe is one that I'm not worried about the finish or general wear and tear on the handle or head.



This model is a 17" splitting axe and was chosen because its primary duty is making splits & kindling for campfires. Its relatively short length fits easily inside my small ATV tool box, and almost fully fits in my Camo Knapsack. There are shorter models available but this is a great length for the odd time when you need to fall a small tree or buck a few sticks.



Even the plastic holder/sheath that came with the axe is holding up decent. The axe still fits nice and snug and the axe edge is well protected from damage, and most important it prevents the axe from damaging other items when transporting. Easily a 5-star rating from me.

Cheers, Mike

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