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Dad's 1972 Honda CB 750 was the reason for the first shed to be built when they moved into our family home in 1978. He still owns this bike today (2017) and is still 100% original.




Having grown up with a handyman like my Father, I knew at an early age that I wanted to be the same way, capable of working on stuff and not dependant on others (sometimes at great expense) to get stuff done, whether it was mechanical, construction or household repairs.




With mechanical stuff, we spent a lot of time wrenching in the driveway and/or backyard constantly running back and forth to the basement for tools as we only had a small shed in our backyard.







Finally in the summer of 2000 we were able to take on the task of building a new garage, which would become the Shed-Headz Crew's very first Area51 location.




The old shed built in 1978-1979 was recycled and towed to the summer house in Bay Roberts where it stood for many more years, and it still exists currently (2017) at a family friends house in Flatrock!









Heavy equipment was brought in to dig the hole for a full foundation and footings, some of the ground was backfill so we dug deeper and brought in 4" minus stone to provide a solid base for the garage.




Swimming pool or garage? Mom probably would have preferred a pool. Before backfilling began we dug a trench and ran buried electrical service and a water line for a hose inside the garage.




We wrapped the foundation in 2" SM foam insulation and covered that with Aluminum flashing to protect and dress up the exposed foundation above ground.




Test fitting my truck, originally we wanted to build the garage wider but we were at the mercy of the City of St. John's and their strict building permit requirements.







Ground work cleaned up and ready for lumber delivery.




The garage was built with an 8' wall built on top of approximately one foot exposed foundation for a ceiling height around 9'.




A second story loft was built for extra storage and would be accessed by a folding staircase inside.






Mom's cousin Bruce (right) designed the garage, created a materials list,  and made sure everything was passed with the city inspectors, a monumental task!  Wilson (left) was also a monumental help and was there every day through construction.







All you need (besides money) is time, and lots of it!




With the garage & paving completed the following summer this Area51 location was the source of a lot of garage days & full on projects including Dad's Cheyenne Restoration, my project Renegade, the beginning of Project Foreman, Maffer's Stealth 503 Scandic Paintjob, and Project Invader.




Of course we cant forget Sooley's blown motor replacement. It was absolutely fantastic to move from the Driveway into the garage, it was a lot of work and a lot of money but I sure did appreciate it. With toolboxes in place we added to the garage by picking up a Stick Welder and a large Air Compressor which allowed me to grow my mechanical skills and work even harder!  The garage is currently used by Mom mostly for storage as both Steve and I have both long since moved out and have a couple Area51 locations of our own.


Cheers, MIKE


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