Archive51 - Janes Jeep Adventure 1999:



This is what happens when a simple evening four wheeling romp turns bad. Janes & Skinner were following a trail from Thorburn Road that led through the woods to Paradise.



Unfortunately their progress came to an abrupt halt when Jane's 1997 Jeep Wrangler got hung up on a rock in a pond along the way. Its just as well though since the last 300 yards of trail after the pond was way way worse. Farmer and Cook tried to drive in from Thorburn Road in the Cummins Dodge, but the trail was too narrow (even for Farmer!)


Learning, Earl, Maffer and I showed up from the Paradise end of the trail but were halted by a nasty bog.



Learning tried to get close to the Jeep with his old Bronco II, but buried it in the bog. I tried to extract the Bronco with the winch on my Foreman ATV to no avail. Finally Earl hooked onto the Bronco with his Blazer and we got him out.



Learning, excited in his new found freedom nearly backed right into my truck, trailer and quad! LoL



The Jeep was finally freed with sheer brute force, and a little trickery. The rear end of the Jeep had an open differential sending power to the tire with no traction while the one on the ground did nothing.



We got a heavy chain and tied the spinning wheel to the axle, which forced the tire with traction to turn. With the guys pushing hard, the Jeep came off the rock! The chain was removed and the rig driven back to Thorburn Road. Janes spent some time in Cook's garage changing water infiltrated engine, tranny & differential fluids, but the Jeep never missed a beat!

Cheers, MIKE


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