Archive51 - Garage Nights at the French's 2004:


One of many nights spent in crew Area51 Facilities these pics are from French's Garage throughout 2004. Maffer damaged a ski on our annual winter cabin trip so he towed it to Don's garage in St. Phillip's to make repairs.








French straightened the ski and welded the bottom where it had worn clean through!




While French was at the Skidoo, Maffer tackled the installation of new rear brakes on his Blazer.




Morgan's old Elan. What a unit!





Another day another project at Don French's old Area51 Facility. Mark, Maffer, Sooley and I working on the French's 2002 Honda Foreman.



On this particular evening I installed a top headlight disconnect switch on the Foreman which allows the rider to turn off the top light when the front rack is full of gear. This greatly reduces glare, especially when using a front cargo box. I also installed a heated thumb warmer for riding on cold days.



At this time, the 2002 Honda Foreman in the pics was Mr. French's, while Mark claimed the Polaris 500 in the background.







The Polaris was a beast when it worked, the Mud Bug tires were pretty awesome, the bike had lots of power, and a comfortable ride. Since then, the Polaris was sold, Mark inherited the Foreman, and Mr. French bought a new Yamaha Grizzly.






Cheers, MIKE


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