Archive51 Project - French's Dodge Dakotas:


Vehicle Specs:

2004 Dodge Dakota Sport

Engine: 4.7L V8

5 Speed Automatic Transmission, 4wd

 Vent Visors

Custom exhaust

Westin Bull Bar with Hella 500's

Work Cap with Ladder Rack


Truck Sold 2010



French actually had 2 Dakotas, although not at the same time LoL. His first was a 1999 club cab, V6, 5-speed Manual Sport model he bought used to get back and forth to trade school.




It was a beautiful little truck with tinted windows and a nice single in dual out (on the same side) custom exhaust. Unfortunately fate had other plans and French was cut off by a distracted driver while on his way to school and the truck was a total loss.




His replacement truck was a brand new Dakota club cab with the upgraded 4.7L V8 paired with a 5 speed automatic transmission. French installed a nice Flowmaster exhaust for a deep sound and a Westin Bull bar fitted with a pair of Hella 500 lights. 



When not in school the Dakota was put hard to work hauling Bikes & Sleds to every crew event.










When French finished trade school he fitted the truck with a sleek work cap with ladder rack so he could easily work in the refrigeration trade.



The Dakota served French well for work and play, he even kept it after acquiring a full size work truck in 2007 removing the cap from the Dakota to return it to personal use.


Cheers, MIKE

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