Archive51 Project - Maffer's '85, '86, '88, '91 Suburban:


Vehicle Specs:

'85-'91 GMC Suburban

Engine: 5.7L V8 carbureted

Cam, 2.02 heads, Headers

3 Speed Turbo400 Transmission, 4x4

Custom Aluminum C-channel bumpers

Arctic Snow Plow


Truck Sold


Over the years Maffer has had quite a collection of vehicles, aside from the '79 Firebird, none created quite as many stories as his beloved Suburban. The truck started out as a running but rusted out Green Suburban which he swapped a less rusty body onto parked on the grass on the side of his parents house. A coat of Sooley Blue Tremclad Paint and the truck was ready for the road. Over time the engine was freshened up with an Aluminum Intake, 2.02 heads, Carburetor, and Headers and the Turbo400 Tranny rebuilt and a shift kit installed.




After he spent 36 hours stuck behind the res. in Mount Pearl the suburban body was toast once again. No problem, a donor 2wd Suburban was acquired and swapped onto the 4x4 chassis, although he never did cut the 4x4 shifter hole in the floor and would have to crawl underneath to change from 2wd to 4wd.  The new body was painted a fancy Tremclad Burgundy and new 31x10.5x15" tires installed on chrome rims.







Eventually the truck was pulled from the road and relegated to plowing Maffer's driveway in Paradise, continuing on for a few more years plowing Cook's driveway. This old truck was ragged on for years and years, motor included and it never skipped a beat to the day it was finally scrapped.


Cheers, MIKE

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