May 2-4, 1997 Sooley's Grad Cabin Trip: (34 Photos)


34.   May 1997 was a pretty special occasion, Sooley graduated from high school so he decided to host a party at the family cabin near Whitbourne. Last year when most of our crew graduated high school we had a big party at Roger's Cabin at Nine Island Pond and made a few more trips there that same summer.  This weekend was the very first trip to the Sooley cabin for most of our friends & acquaintances.



33.   Knowing this was going to be a pretty epic trip, Maffer and I brought up a monster sound system for the event. We had two full size amplifiers connected to the same CD player and 8 big ass speakers which we placed around the cabin by running temporary wiring. When we tested it Friday afternoon we could hear the music across all lanes of the divided highway!



32.   Sooley even ditched his graduation ceremony at the hotel early to head out to the cabin with the crew.






30.   I wish this kickass light switch was still there LoL.









27.   There wasn't much else going on this weekend other than a kick as party, music & beer  that started Friday night and cumulated with a big crowd on Saturday night.















22.   While I went back to town Saturday morning to pickup a few more hands that needed a ride to the cabin, Sooley pulled the battery from his POS Camry and fired up the trusty old Ford tractor. This is another thing I wish was still in inventory at the Sooley cabin, it was an awesome piece of equipment.



21.   I'm not sure on the year but it was pretty old, it was powered by an inline 4 cylinder gas motor.



20.   "Ya know you're a redneck when."  - Matthew Burton, May 1997...









17.   We were all 18ish years old, couldn't really cook for crap but we didn't starve to death and gave the BBQ quite a workout.












13.   By Saturday evening there was quite a compliment of buddies at the cabin, I lost count at 19, I have no idea where everyone slept but we made it through the night with a lot of laughs and no incidents LoL



12.   We even managed to set off a few fireworks, by a few I mean literally 6. Not much of a budget back in these days.
























4.   Sunday came all too soon, we were awhile cleaning up the cabin, but had everything sorted away and vehicles loaded for the return trip to town later that afternoon.



3.   If you ever wonder what happened to the Sooley's Goose Lake View sign, it can probably still be found at Nine Island Pond. LoL



2.   On our way back to town Roger wanted to stop by his cabin at Nine Island Pond. Splashing through puddles in his Chevy Blazer he dropped both driver side tires into a super soft spot at the edge of the road and couldn't get it out.



1.  Before hooking up a tow strap to my Jimmy I hopped behind the wheel, locked the Blazer in 4-low, cut the wheels hard right and gassed the old bugger right up out of the mud no problem.

Our first trip to the Sooley cabin was probably the largest to date, definitely the most spic, maybe not the craziest. Maffer putting his car off the road at Roger's cabin last year pretty well takes the cake for wildest party. LoL For our first trip to the Sooley cabin it was pretty damn successful.



Cheers, MIKE

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