February 2003 Annual Winter Trip: (4 Photos)


4.   Our annual winter cabin trip for 2003 was set to be a pretty exciting year. For many years our winter trips were pretty well a party trip, the Sooley's had a couple snowmobiles to take a run on, I'd sometimes bring my ATV or Dad's Argo depending on snow conditions, and last year Bill came up for the first time with his Yamaha V-Max 700.



3.   This year Maffer bought a great used machine, a 1994 Scandic 503, and I got a loan of my uncles Scandic 377. Maffer didn't have a lot of riding experience, and I had none. We had a lot of snow that year and we were following Bill on the pole line and off trail. Needless to say there was a lot of us getting stuck as I didn't realize the importance of leaning your body weight while riding. By the end of the weekend we were a lot further ahead in our riding skills, but were still amazed at Bill climbing hills and jumping over stuff.








Cheers, MIKE

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