Winter 2002 Blizzard Warning: (11 Photos)



11.   I can't remember the month but the winter of 2002 was pretty decent for snow falls so this storm could have been at any time that year.









9.   It was quite a team effort to get all the snow moved, Dad was trying out the blade I had on Project Foreman while Steve and I used the old crappy Snowblower to clear the rest.







7.   Living in the city you end up with quite a pile of snow after a hard winter!












3.  At this time I didn't own a snowmobile, but this storm pretty well sealed the deal and got me shopping for one for the following winter!



2.  Our old NOMA 10/29 Snow Blower sure was a bag of dirt, it was heavy, hard to use as the tires would spin so you had to shove it though the snow, etc hence why I put a blade on my bike. One thing it did was make me appreciate my Honda Snow Blower so much more than I would have otherwise.





Cheers, MIKE

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