How To:  Fix Kill Switch on Skidoo REV

Faulty Kill switches have plagued many owners of 2003-2007 REV chassis snowmobiles. Usually the switch will not shut the machine down when depressed, but there have been cases where the machine will run poorly or intermittently shut off while riding due to a defective kill switch. Fortunately, you may not have to replace the switch, but simply clean it, whichever the case the following will guide you through taking the switch apart.



First we removed the hand guard on the throttle side as well as the bar pad. Next we loosened the Phillips head screw on the bottom of the throttle block which allows the throttle block to rotate for easier access. There is a cover on the left side of the throttle block with one Phillips head screw, remove the screw and gently pry off the cover.



Slide back this cover to expose two more Phillips head screws that hold the switch in place. With those removed the red kill switch can be pried up by placing a flat top screw driver through the cover opening between the bottom of the switch and the metal handle bar (just under where the 2 screws were removed) and gently twisting.



Next unplug the wire connector by pressing on the plastic tab by my finger in the picture. When you unplug the wire connector be careful not to loose the triangle shaped copper contactor and spring inside the switch.



To fix the switch all you need to do is clean an almost invisible layer of tarnish from the 3 bumps on the copper triangle, and on the 2 round copper contacts on the wire connector on the macine. I used a scotch-brite pad, but very fine sandpaper, steel wool etc can be used. Be careful not to remove too much material as you only need to clean the parts, and blow away any dust/residue before reassembly. I coated these parts lightly in di-electric grease  which will help prevent future corrosion and provide lubrication for the moving parts.


To reassemble, maneuver the throttle block to the left so that you have the maximum length on the wire for the kill switch. Next, place a dab of dielectric grease on each end of the spring and reinstall in its groove on the kill switch. This will help prevent it falling out while assembling. Next reinstall the copper triangle contactor on top of the spring, it only fits one way. Now gently plug in the wire connector being careful not to disturb the spring and triangle piece inside the kill switch. Next  push the kill switch back in place into the throttle block making sure its all the way in place, if not the screws will not line up.

The rest of the assembly is just reverse of the disassembly.

Cheers, Mike

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