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How To: Pellet Grill Ribs




1 or 2 Racks of Ribs

Favorite Rub
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Brown Sugar
Real Butter
Apple Juice
Additional Gear:
Tin Foil
Spray Bottle for Apple Juice
Bag of your favorite Pellets, I chose Apple Wood

Today I fired up the Pit Boss Austin XL to smoke some pork belly into bacon for Bassan.



Since the smoker was already running, I decided to get a rack of ribs ready to hit the grill when the bacon was finishing up. First step is to remove the membrane off the back of the ribs, gloves or a paper towel helps here.



Today I seasoned the rack with Salt-Pepper-Garlic, plus a little Meat Church Voodoo & Honey Hog. Ribs were placed on the grill meat side up at 250F and misted with Apple Juice every half hour.



When I  do ribs alone I usually set them on the grill first on a smoke setting for about 30 minutes before turning the temp up to 250F.



I had the ribs on 250F for about 2.5 hours before taking them off the grill for tin foil wrap.



I laid down a bed of brown sugar, 6 knobs of butter and honey first onto the tin foil then laid the ribs on meat side down.





I placed them back on the grill meat side down for another 2 hours. Check for tenderness and meat pull back off the bone. If it looks good remove the tin foil, apply BBQ sauce and place back on the grill for about 20 minutes. Since the ribs are usually very tender at this point, I usually cut them into shorter lengths which makes them easier to handle.



Sandra's ribs on the Left were oven baked and finished on the propane grill, and as usual, were very good. However my pellet grill cooked ribs on the Right were simply outstanding!



Fall off the bone epicness!


Cheers, Mike


Copyright 2011 Michael Smith