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How To: Pellet Grill Pizza




1 x Pillsbury Pizza Dough Kit - or make your own from scratch

Favorite Toppings
Additional Gear:
A Pizza Stone
Pizza Peel, ideally a wooden one for placing on the grill and a metal one for removing.
Bag of your favorite Pellets I chose Whiskey Barrel Blend

Unlike traditional Smokers, Pellet Grills have the ability to smoke at low temperatures, BBQ on high temperatures and bake on even higher temperatures all the way up to 500F. This is very handy and inspired me to try making homemade pizza with wood fired flavor on my Austin XL which would need to be baked at 450F



This was my second attempt at Pellet Grill cooked pizza. My pizza stone was preheated along with the grill to 450F.





Sandra fried up a scrappy pack of homemade bacon which we vacuum seal separately just for these occasions.







I do need to pick up a wooden pizza peel for sliding the raw pizza onto the stone. It went better today than last time, but we used a lot of flour. A wooden peel works much better even with less flour.

The metal peel is fantastic for removing cooked pizza from the grill.



Cook time was about 15 minutes and once again the pizza turned out fantastic! You don't get a strong smoke flavour on a pellet grill at high temperatures, but you do add delicate notes of wood fired flavour without being overpowering. It's still my favourite pizza to date after years of making homemade pizza in the oven.


Cheers, Mike


Copyright 2011 Michael Smith