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How To: Make Pickled Red Onion and/or Jalapeños




2 Small / one Large Red Onion or 4-5 Standard Size Jalapenos

1-1/2 Cup White Vinegar
1/2 Cup Water
3 TBSP Sugar
1 TBSP Salt


Something else I've been doing a lot of lately is pickling, my favorites are pickled red onions which are awesome on sandwiches, hamburgers, hotdogs, tacos, nachos and wraps, and pickled Jalapeno peppers.

First I peel then thinly slice the red onions, separate them into individual segments and fill 2 mason jars with the chopped pieces. For pickled jalapeños I slice them about 3/16" thick and place them in the jar.



Next I combine the Vinegar, Water, Salt and Sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. The dry ingredients will not fully dissolve until the mixture boils, keep stirring during the process.



The quantity of pickle in this recipe will fill 2 mason jars with the food product inside. When boiled fill each bottle to completely submerge the contents. 



I found these leak proof plastic covers work great for this type of bottling. Spin the covers on loose for now and tighten later at room temperature then refrigerate. Since you're not boiling the jars for sterilization in this process, they should be kept refrigerated and contents used within 4-6 weeks.



Since we have a vinyl cutter on hand I made some custom labels for my bottles which are regularly use over and over again. Pickled Red Onion & Jalapeños are really easy to make and will definitely add some awesome flavor to your next sandwich, hamburger, salad, nachos and more! Don't forget, if I can manage to do it, you can do it too!


Cheers, Mike


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