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Pellet Grill - Brisket Shepherds Pie


Ingredients: Pellets Used:

1-Brisket Flat about 4lbs (or substitute beef roast)

Competition Blend Pellets

2-TBSP approx. of your favorite rub


1-Yellow onion chopped


1-Pint sliced mushrooms

1-Head fresh garlic minced  
2-TBSP Tomato Paste  
1-Can beef consume  
1-Cup Guinness beer (or substitute red wine)  
2-TBSP Worcestershire Sauce  
4 Sprigs fresh thyme (or a dash of dried thyme)  
1-Cup brown gravy  
24oz mashed potatoes  
1-ish Cup of your favorite cheese shredded. Option: Fresh parsley for garnish.


Notes: I found this recipe online on the How to BBQ Right YouTube channel. It looked interesting when Malcolm made it and I knew I'd have to try it!


First I loaded up the hopper with Competition Blend pellets, once lit I set the temperature to 250F.



I dint have a beef brisket available so I picked up a 3lb roast from the supermarket to try this recipe out. I seasoned it with Salt-Pepper-Garlic and a little Meat Church Voodoo rubs.


I cooked until the outside developed a nice mahogany colour, internal temp was about 155F, but colour is really what you're looking for at this step.



While the meat cooked, I cut up the mushrooms, garlic and onions, then combined the consume, red wine, worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and thyme in a separate cup.


The roast was cubed up into approximate 3/4" cubes and placed in a disposable foil pan. 





Then the remaining ingredients (plus the juice from the cutting board) were added, mixed and the pan covered in tin foil.



I laid the disposable pan on a steel cooking sheet for strength and bumped the temperature on the pellet grill to 300F. You can finish this in the oven, but the grill is already running. Check the beef bites for softness after about 2 hours. They should easily break apart without disintegrating in the pan.


Next take the pan inside, add the cup of gravy and return to the grill uncovered for 30 minutes to thicken up (grill now set to 350F).



Finally add your mashed potato and cheese and return to the grill one last time to re-heat the potatoes and melt the cheese. This step is also done uncovered with the grill still set at 350F.


The final product was amazing, I can only imagine it would be even better made with brisket flat. Its very different from how we traditionally make shepherd pie here in Newfoundland but its a welcome change that I will definitely be making again!


Cheers, MIKE

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