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Partridge Berry BBQ Sauce


Ingredients: Pellets Used:

1-Medium onion finely chopped

Stove Top or Favorite Blend of Pellets

1-28oz can crushed tomatoes


1-Cup apple cider vinegar


1-Cup partridge berries


1/2-Cup water

1/2-Cup maple syrup (or Molasses)  
1/2-Cup brown sugar  
5ish Cloves fresh garlic minced  
2-TBSP dry mustard  
2-TSP salt  
2-TSP black pepper  
1/4-TSP Cayenne Pepper (optional)  


Notes: With Maple Syrup this sauce tastes closer to Ketchup than BBQ sauce, although very nice and flavorful. This time I simmered it on the stovetop, next time I'm going to try simmering it on the Pellet Grill to add another layer of flavor.


I found this recipe on the NL Outdoor Grillers & Smokers Facebook page. The recipe is pretty straightforward, I thawed frozen partridge berries in warm water, strained and combined with the rest of the ingredients in a medium saucepan and brought to a gentle boil stirring constantly. As everything simmered on medium heat, I smashed all the berries with my wooden spoon. It took about 30-45 minutes simmering for the sauce to thicken up.



Once thickened I strained the sauce to remove berry casings and chunks of onion to make a nice smooth final product. I continued to simmer on low heat until the pulled pork I was making finished.



When the sauce cooled to room temperature, I packaged some in small containers for the SH Crew, and bottled the rest in a small glass bottle we had on hand.



This time I chose to add the optional cayenne pepper which just gave the sauce a gentle kick without being overpowering and hot. It paired beautifully with pork and moose, but I've tried it on lots of stuff including hamburgers with great success. I will definitely be making this again.


Cheers, MIKE

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