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Matt's Honey Garlic Moose Sausage Recipe


Batch Size: 25lbs Meat 60/40 Moose to Lean Ground Pork
4 TBSP Salt  
4 TBSP Black Pepper  
4 TBSP Garlic Powder  
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper  
1/4 tsp sage  
1-1/4 Cup Honey  
3 Cups Hot Water  


  • Mix Honey and Hot Water together on their own first.

  • Next thoroughly mix the dry ingredients together on their own in a bowl.

  • Add spice mixture to meat along with liquid ingredients and thoroughly combine by hand in a large meat tote.

  • Before stuffing into casings test-fry a sample. At this point you can add more meat or more seasoning to make sure they taste the way you want them.

  • There is no binder in this recipe and I have no trouble with meat coming apart even when making burger patties from this mixture.



Another huge hit in the Shed-Headz Crew!



Cheers, MATT

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