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Mike's Pit Boss Cooks January - February 2022


Quick pork tenderloin cook to start out the new year.





I've done beer can chicken on the Webber Genesis many times and I was eager to try it on the Pit boss, today was the day!





I seasoned it with Suckle Busters SPG and Clucker Dust.




I ran my cook on 350F for just over 90 minutes until well done.



Just like on the Webber the meat was wonderfully moist, but the flavour from the wood fire on the Pit Boss was exceptionally good! A great meal made awesome!



Most of the crew had already tried making pulled pork, and it sits near the top of the list of best meals made on the Pit Boss so I decided to see what all the hype was about.





It was a fairly long cook, I started on smoke setting but realistically I should have started on 200 or 225F to speed up the process. I cooked until 165F internal, then wrapped in butcher paper and cooked on 250F then 300F at the end to get to 205F internal.



Needless to say, the boys were right and it's a pretty easy and extremely tasty feed!





Today was bacon day again, having run out of my first batch I took advantage of decent pricing on pork belly and got to work smoking 25lbs of bacon.







Today I finally got to try homemade pizza on the pellet grill. I pre-heated the Pit Boss and my new 15" pizza stone to 450F and slid the pizza onto the stone using my pizza peel. It took about 15 minutes to fully cook and came out absolutely amazing. It wasn't a super strong overpowering smoke taste but a nice clean wood fired hint of flavour, a big improvement over oven baked!




The following night I took advantage of continued (and rare this year) calm winter weather and fired up the Pit Boss once again. Tonight I made jalapeño stuffed, bacon wrapped partridge breasts and a pork tenderloin.



You can check out how to make the partridge breasts under recipes back on the Grill Masters index.






Cheers, MIKE

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