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March Madness Pellet Grill Cooks 2022


Another month has passed, and although it was generally wet, cold and windy, the Shed-Headz Grill Masters found ample time and opportunity to get some cooks on the grills and even try some new recipes!



Early in the month I fired up the Austin XL to transform some brined pork belly into Bacon for Bassan who quickly became a big fan of my homemade apple wood smoked bacon.



Since the smoker was already running, once the smoke box burnt out I got a rack of ribs ready to hit the grill alongside the bacon.



Today I seasoned the ribs with Salt-Pepper-Garlic, plus a little Meat Church Voodoo & Honey Hog.



Bassan's bacon turned out absolutely great!



I had the ribs on for 3 hours before removing them for wrapping.



I put brown sugar, 6 knobs of butter and honey first into the tin foil then laid in the ribs meat side down.





I placed them back on the grill for another 2 hours.



Meanwhile Sandra pre-cooked her rack of ribs in the oven, also seasoned with Salt-Pepper-Garlic. I browned her ribs on the Weber Genesis then cooked on her favourite BBQ sauce. After 2 hours, my ribs were unwrapped, coated with BBQ sauce and final cooked for about 15-20 minutes.



For oven baked ribs, the colour turned out decent!



Sandra's ribs on the Left were as usual very good, but my pellet grill cooked ribs on the Right were simply outstanding!



Fall off the bone epicness!



Today I made my second attempt at Pellet Grill cooked pizza. My pizza stone was preheated along with the grill to 450F.





Sandra fried up a scrappy pack of homemade bacon which we vacuum seal separately just for these occasions.







I do need to pick up a wooden pizza peel for sliding the raw pizza onto the stone. It went better today than last time, but we used a lot of flour. A wooden peel works much better even with less flour.

The metal peel is fantastic for removing the cooked pizza from the grill.



Cook time was about 15 minutes and once again the pizza turned out fantastic! You don't get a strong smoke flavour on a pellet grill at high temperatures, but you do add delicate notes of wood fired flavour without being overpowering. It's still my favourite pizza to date after years of making homemade pizza in the oven.





Today I tried my hand at pulled pork for the 2nd time. The pork roast was seasoned with Meat Church - Honey Hog and Voodoo.






Last time I wrapped the pork in butcher paper, this time I followed Stroh's method using a foil pan and covering in tin foil.



The results were fantastic! Lots of juices and flavour, I actually removed about 3/4 of the liquid prior to puling apart the roast with 2 forks.





While the pork was on the smoker, I also took the time to try a Partridge berry BBQ sauce recipe which actually turned out great! Checkout the recipe in the recipes section of the Grill Masters page.







This new sauce has been fantastic with moose sausages, pulled pork and even on hamburgers!





Today I decided to try out a recipe I found on YouTube on Malcolm's How To BBQ Right YouTube channel, brisket shepherds pie.


I didn't have a small brisket on hand so I substituted a beef roast which was on sale at the supermarket.



The full recipe can also be found here on the Grill Master page.














Later in the month, Mark also tried out an exciting new recipe, Over the Top Chilli! You combine all your favourite chilli ingredients in a disposable foil pan and put it on the grill. Next you ball up your ground beef, season it with your favourite rub and place it over the chilli on a wire rack.



When the meat is cooked, its broken up and added to the chilli. You can continue to simmer it on the smoker, or as Mark chose, in a pot on the kitchen range.



Meanwhile Matthew was also busy experimenting with a new creation, brisket & beans!








This month I made a very handy modification to my Austin XL, the installation of a handle to easily open & close the searing station cover which is very handy for BBQing steak. Check out the full story in the Austin XL mods & accessories article on the Grill Masters page.







In March I visited The Wood Shed located on Ruby line in the Goulds. They recently opened and are stocking a line of Louisiana Grills pellet grills, lots of wood stoves, and a very diverse line of rubs, sauces and pellets, many of which aren't carried anywhere else in town! I picked up a few new ones to try, and was impressed that many of them don't list salt as the first ingredient!







Mark's latest incarnation of pulled pork was once again outstanding!





At the end of the month I finally got to try this new rub purchased at the Wood Shed on a small roast of beef and it turned out amazing. Lots of flavour, very different from my other rubs, and not salty.









Cheers, MIKE

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