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Moose Hunting Boil-ups Fall 2021


Fall 2021 was a busy one as we had two moose license to fill on the Southern Shore-Area 36. You can check out the full tale of these adventures on the Crew Adventures page.





On this day after a pre-dawn start and long morning in the woods we back headed out to my truck around 1pm. I prepared a lunch of my infamous marinated moose, mushrooms and onions paired with French Onion instant rice.



It's one of my favourite meals to cook up in the woods and is a big hit amongst the crew.





On our next trip down the shore Andrea and I tag teamed lunch which consisted of my freshly made Jalapeño/Cheddar moose sausages and Bassan's homemade moose pasta.



The sauce was slowly heated on my backpack MSR superfly stove, while the Coleman was put to work frying moose sausages and boiling pasta.



It was truly a meal fit for a king!





Cheers, MIKE

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