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Father Son Ice Fishing Boil-up March 21, 2021


This morning Bassan, Mark French and I brought our fathers Peter, Don and Randy along for out inaugural Father Son Ice Fishing trip.




We fished under bright sunny skies, cold temperatures and yet another bout of unrelenting strong wind.



My cheap Chinese CS2500 top handle chainsaw continues to work very well and runs like a top. My Georgecraft axe made it's debut appearance on an adventure, it was my first real good chance using it to gather sticks and make a few splits. Not only gorgeous, it works fantastically as well.




Bassan and I tag teamed lunch which consisted of Bassan's homemade Moose Chilli and my homemade hand crafted moose sausages, one pack of spicy Italian which has red wine in the mix, and a pack of Okto'beer'fest which features a little IPA.





Lunch was outstanding and thoroughly enjoyed by all hands.









Cheers, MIKE

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