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Ice Fishing Two for One Double Boil-up March 18, 2021

This morning Bassan, French and I  headed in-country near Bauline for what turned into an epic day ice fishing. We struck a few pan size mud trout almost right away starting the day on a good vibe!







Mid morning one of French's Jaw Jerker rigs got hauled over by what turned out to be an incredible catch! The biggest catch to date for our crew on ice fishing gear!





Lunchtime I chunked up a dead fall to make a stove table for Bassan to cook on. I brought my Coleman Hyperflame stove with me as it's easier to cook a larger quantity of food on than my small backpack stoves.



On the menu today was Bassan's homemade moose/tomato pasta sauce and some penne pasta.



Once the pasta was cooked it was strained and mixed in with the pre-heated sauce in my oversize frying pan.



Bassan did an awesome job on lunch, even remembering to bring parmesan cheese!









For an evening snack I fired up the stove again, fried a pack of fresh fish white puddings and boiled the kettle for a couple cups of fresh brewed coffee.



An awesome end to an epic day in the woods!


Cheers, MIKE

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