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Argo Ice Fishing Boil-up March 13, 2020


Today French and I took advantage of absolutely gorgeous weather and headed in-country near Salmonier for a day ice fishing.





I got to try out my new Council Tools double bit saddle axe (check out my review on the Outdoor Lifestyle Product Reviews page of this site). This axe is amazing, it fits easily in my knapsack, has a nice weight (2.5lbs) and an awesome feel. You can easily take down small trees, I use it primarily for gathering kindling for boil-ups. It's both pretty & functional!



On the shores of Old Sea there was no shortage of dead dry firewood. We took down one green tree to buck forming a base right on the ice. With lots of dead very dry kindling on hand we didn't even need a fire starter stick!



It's too bad the forecast for Saturday was so poor (very high winds & 10mm rain) it would have been a beautiful night in a hot tent!







For supper French sliced and fried Fresh Fish White Puddings made from our own cod fish at Porter's in CBS. The main meal was our own homemade Oktoberfest Moose Sausages, buns and all the toppings.





All coffee'd out we put the Kelly Kettle on and had Tea for a change. The Kelly Kettle works great on an open fire provided your careful of the wooden handle not burning and you have a couple sturdy logs to rest it on. I placed a bunch of kindling down the chimney opening and it boiled in just under 3 minutes.





Cheers, MIKE

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