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Triple Argo Ice Fishing Boil-up February 20, 2021


Today French, Slaney and I took advantage of perfect winter conditions to head in-country for a triple Argo ice fishing adventure.







Mid afternoon Terry and I began gathering some dry wood for a campfire to warm up and have a boil-up. I had my Council Tools No. 2 double bit saddle axe with me today, it's a beautiful little chopper for gathering kindling and light splitting.



Work smart not hard!









For my lunch I cooked up a feed of marinated Moose, Mushrooms and Onions. Terry toasted up a couple bagels on the open fire for himself.



I also cooked up French Onion minute rice on my GSI Pinnacle Stove as its easier to manage the heat for rice. Today I tried out my new tin of Primus winter fuel which apparently has a larger mesh inside to aid in gas vapour boil off in low temperatures. I'm pleased to report that it worked extremely well, much better than all the other standard cans I've tried previously in the winter.





Needless to say lunch was amazing!





As usual we stayed until well after dark managing to catch a couple more trout on our lines. In the midst of all the craziness in the world these last few weeks it was great to unplug, get away, and enjoy a relaxing day in the country. Probably more beneficial these days than ever before!


Cheers, MIKE

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