Area51 Project - Todd's Past Sleds:


Mr. Todd is not a man of many words, but certainly a man of a lot of sleds & bikes over the last few years!!!

The first year I met Todd in 2004 he was riding a red Yamaha RX1 short track. This machine was Yamaha's entry into the big bore four stroke sleds and sported the peppy 1000cc Four cylinder engine. Like all of Todd's vehicles it was impeccably clean and always looked brand new.


Through a complicated series of deals in trading in winter vehicles for summer ones, the following winter found Todd riding a lightly used Blue Yamaha Viper 700.


This was another great sled, another short track and an older suspension design then the RX1 but this sled sported the beautiful 700cc triple cylinder two stoke engine equipped with power valves.


Its still one of my most favorite sounding two stroke snowmobile engines of all time.


Changing his mind once again and probably trading the viper on something else, Todd soon found himself with a beautiful new 2005 REV 500ss by Bombardier.


The sled was stock with the exception of an X-package handle bar kit, 6" riser block, low windshield, and Acerbis hand guards.


In the first year of ownership he rode, jumped and really enjoyed the sled.


The REV chassis promised a smooth ride and predictable handling and Todd was not disappointed.


Over the following summer & fall he started making more modifications to the REV including a clutch kit, aftermarket silencer, and changing the color scheme from Red & Black to a Red, Black & White combination with custom decals.


This sled was lean mean and looking great! The following winter Todd injured his foot, sold the REV and swore off snowmobiling forever!


Of course, that idle threat didn't last long and Todd made an end of season purchase in 2008 of a current year Yamaha FX Nytro short track. This sled was Yamaha's progressively better four stroke chassis featuring a rider foreword design, completely new look, and a new 1050cc triple cylinder four stroke engine. All of this added up to a much lighter, more comfortable and better riding sled then the older RX1 machines, especially for off trail boondocking. He enjoyed one awesome trip to the west coast before changing his mind once again trading the sled on a new summer toy!!!

Somewhere between owning the short track Nytro and installing tracks on his Yamaha Grizzly ATV for a couple winters Todd owned a 2009 Nytro XTX, which is a 144" long track version of the same sled. I don't know if he even rode this sled before selling it to Mike Pollard!


In the fall of 2012, Todd decided to pick up snowmobiling with the crew once again. This time he purchased a lightly used 2010 REV XRS on Bombardiers new XP Chassis. Another beautiful machine, this sled sported the PowerTek 800r twin cylinder two stroke engine and a fantastic chassis. The XRS version sports additional bracing throughout the frame, and very nice KYB Pro 40 fully adjustable shocks. He rode this sled up until the winter of 2013 when he sold it to pursue yet another motorized vehicle!

In January of 2014 Todd was sporting another different sled. This time it was a 2014 Yamaha Viper, which is Yamaha's Partnership project with Arctic Cat. This Yamacat sports the triple cylinder 1050cc engine from the Nytro in Arctic Cats current chassis. Its a beautiful looking machine and seems to work well, although some say it doesn't have the same pull as a Nytro despite being much lighter.

By the fall of 2014 Todd's Viper was long sold and a leftover 2012 Yamaha Nytro short track was in its place. This nice black machine features a 1.25" track to which Todd added studs for traction on icy days.

Cheers, MIKE


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