Area 51 - 2012 Summer of Construction:


As fall arrives with its cooler temps, I finally have a chance to reflect on the busiest summer that I can remember. This website is a buzz with fishing, trouting, cabin trips, ATV rides, etc, but this summer has been mostly endless construction projects.



The Summer of Construction started in early June when Sooley started to fence in the back yard of his new house. Having successfully building the deck seen here, a fence would be a relatively easy proposition.



He rented a tractor and dug all of the holes. With the help of the crew we got all of the fence posts set in about half a day.



The holes were large so we placed each pressure treated post in a Sono tube and filled it with cement. More cement and large rocks were placed outside each tube to sturdy them up.



The following week Sooley and Jason finished the 5' high fence with cross rails and palings. Next up was a fence at Justin's house.



Thankfully Justin had a contractor come in and install all of the 6x6 pressure treated fence posts in concrete at a depth of four feet, at the same time doing the grubbing and levelling of the backyard.



Starting on a Friday evening, Mark and I with some assistance from Justin 'melons' French had the fence finished gates and all by the following evening. We had to fight for a bit of Pizza for supper but we finally got fed.



Saturday morning the work continued to finish the palings, cut the tops and build two gates, one on each side of the house.











The finished fence is 6' high, built from 5/4 deck boards, and screwed together so its quite strong!



With Justin's Fence completed it was on to Marks House where we built an even longer fence and a new Garage which is shown on French's Area51 Location page.



The final project for this summer was replacing the shingles on Ronnie's roof. The 30 year old roof had seen better days so we got together to lend a hand getting it replaced. Friday evening Ron had the front side stripped and a couple repairs made to the plywood in the leaking valleys.



Saturday morning Ron, Bill, Sooley, Mr. Power and I got to work laying out the ice/water shield and then a roof wrap. It took us armatures additional time to work around the valleys over the living room, but the end result was properly done and tidy. Most important, it doesn't leak!



Sunday, Ronnie and the crew stripped and shingled the back side and the job was finished.

Thankfully these projects are complete, and a busy summer at a close. Our entire crew are a great bunch, only too eager to lend a hand to get something done, and this past summer was sure testament to that.


Cheers, MIKE

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