Area51 Project - Steve's 1985 Honda Odyssey


Machine Specs:


1985 Honda Odyssey FL350r

Four Wheel Buggy

350cc Single Cylinder Air Cooled Two Stroke

Hi-Low-Reverse gearbox with V-belt Transmission

Front Tires 21x7x10 ITP Holeshot

Rear Tires 24x11x10 ITP Mud Lite

Front Drum, Rear Disc Brakes

Independent Front and Rear Suspension

Rigid Dually D2 Headlights

Comet Primary Clutch


Project from the Great White North, submitted by Steve Smith, NWT.

While working out west and now up North Steve is taking advantage of the wealth of great used, unique and sometimes antique ATV's hiding away on local classifieds. Such was the case when he came across this very unique 1985 Honda Odyssey on a classifieds ad in Fort Mac.


A road trip ensued and soon he had it back to his home base in the NWT. The machine was in great shape for its age and only needed a few small repairs to make it work.






The FL350r came with an air cooled 350cc single cylinder two stroke engine, hydraulic brakes, and a very unique steering wheel and controls. 


The carburetor & fuel tank were cleaned and refilled with new premixed gas, and the primary clutch of the V-belt transmission replaced. Speaking of belts, this is a pretty neat design. Modern bikes suffer when the belt gets damp, on the Odyssey the belt is completely exposed!


Once a test run was performed, a set of ITP replacement steel wheels were installed to replace the damaged aftermarket wheels that came on the machine. On the new rims Steve mounted a set of ITP Mud Lites in the rear and ITP Hole Shots for the front.

The old headlights were replaced with a pair of Rigid Industries Dually D2's, and the buggy was ready to tear up the trails.


While I was up to visit Steve in March 2016 we pulled out the Odyssey for a little work. On the last run the machine shut off as it wasn't getting fuel. Steve thought the trouble may be in the fuel pump.


The pump checked out fine, but I found the impulse line from the engine was dry rotted and cracked. We installed a new piece of high pressure fuel line and had the machine running in no time!


We would have gotten it out for a run but the throttle cable seized so a new one is on the way. The only other repair at this time will be replacing one rear U-joint that is completely shot. Other than that, Steve's long term plan is to do a full restoration like he is doing with the Mini 70 ATC. This will include a full paint job, installing fenders, shock upgrade, and replacing any worn out parts.


Cheers, MIKE

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