Area51 Project - Sooley's Mach 1 (version 2):


Machine Specs:


1994 Bombardier Mach1

PRS Chassis

670cc Liquid Cooled, RAVE Valves

Front: PRS arm with Inboard Coil Springs

Skis: Steel with Plastic Skins

Rear: C7 Skid with dual HPG Shocks

121"x15"x1.25" Rip Saw Track

Stock Gearing

REV Handle Bars

6" Riser Block


Sled Sold 2010

When Sooley lost the '97 Mach1 at Mount Peyton in 2005 he stepped out of the snowmobiling scene for the remainder of the season. The following winter he revived the trusty old Enticer and painfully rode the sled on most of our adventures.


During the annual winter cabin trip in February 2007 Sooley's wife surprised him with the purchase of a 1994 Mach1 670cc Skidoo!


On the 2nd night of the trip we left Whitbourne and headed over the highway to Ocean Pond on a secret mission to pick up the sled and surprise the rest of the crew.


This machine had very few miles and was in amazing shape with no cracks or missing panels/parts.


The powerful 670cc engine started easily and ran great, the sled was christened in Sooley Style with flight time logged the very next day.


The next fall Sooley installed a set of handle bars from a 2006 REV, a 6" riser block, a new 1.25" Rip Saw Track, and replaced the worn out skis with a set donated to the cause by Bill.


A broken speedometer cable was also replaced. The sled continues to run great, powerful enough to keep up with the pack, and a decent ride that is 100 times better than the old enticer.


The sled seen many trips this year all over the Avalon and even ran well for a week on the West Coast!


2009 Update:

On his first run of '08-'09 Sooley clipped a rock and bent a PRS Suspension Arm, which was replaced with a brand new aftermarket piece. This is a great sled and has been very reliable. Unfortunately the Enticer has now been permanently retired and was recently passed on to a new owner. The Mach1 670 was sold in 2010 as Sooley finally got his wish and upgraded to a modern 2009 REV XP.


Cheers, MIKE

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