Area51 Project - Sooley's Mach 1 (version 1):


Machine Specs:


1997 Bombardier Mach1

CK3 Chassis

700cc Triple Cylinder, RAVE Valves

Triple Pipes

Front: DSA arm with HPG Shocks

Skis: Plastic Bottom with Steel Bridge

Rear: SC-10 Skid HPG Shocks

121"x15"x1" Track

Stock Gearing, no Reverse


Sled Scrapped 2005


With the purchase of this sled, Sooley would no longer tortured by the harsh ride of the old Enticer, and finally escaped the mental anguish of trying to keep the Enticer in running order! Sooley purchased the Mach1 in the Spring of 2004 and managed to get one test ride in before the snow melted. He was extremely excited about having a sled with decent suspension and lots of power. This sled came with an enhanced version of the 700 triple cylinder two stroke featuring power valves and triple pipes.



The only down side to the Mach was its weight hence the nick name Mach One-ton! LoL

In the first (and what would be the only) year of ownership Sooley performed standard maintenance including changing the Chain Case Oil, replacing bogy wheel bearings in the rear skid and fixing the spark plug wires. We had a lot of great runs that Winter including the annual trip to the Sooley cabin in February.



Unfortunately this sled met its end on March 25, 2005 during a trip From Port Blandford to Mount Peyton (near Grand Falls, NL). Sooley, having missed the team meeting outlining the safe areas to climb the mountain, chose a dangerous line that had no place to stop at the top. With nowhere to go he and the sled began the steep decent towards the sheer cliff. Amazingly Sooley managed to scoot back the seat and clear of the sled as he approached the edge of the cliff where the sled plummeted hundreds of feet crashing on the rocks below. By the grace of a higher power, Sooley himself stopped sliding at the edge of the cliff when his helmet brought up on a lone solitary rock. The sled was destroyed, but graciously Sooley was spared to ride another day.




Cheers, MIKE

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