French's Area51 Project - Sno Scoot:


Machine Specs:


 1989 Yamaha SnoScoot SV-80em

 Tubular Steel Frame

 80cc Single Cylinder 2 Stroke

 Front: Mono Leaf/Swing arm

 Rear: Single Shock Slide rail

 81.6"x12"x0.47" Stock Track

 27/44 Gearing, no Reverse

 Electric Start


Sled Sold 2017


The fall of  2012 found Mark French the proud father of a beautiful baby girl Ms. Piper French. With this new development in his life he decided she would need to be introduced to snowmobiling a.s.a.p., and he wanted to be ready. Searching of our local classifieds soon found a great prospect in the Goulds, a 1989 Yamaha SnoScoot.


Upon inspection the sled was in pretty decent shape, ran well, was completely intact, and would make a great restoration project. With a few years before Piper will be ready to ride, Mark plans to completely disassemble the machine, and rebuild it from the ground up. Everything will be cleaned, painted, and parts replaced as necessary to make the sled like new!



Cheers, MIKE

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