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   February 17, 2019

Another year is here already, 2018 was busy in Area51 which is probably why it seemed to pass by so fast! The first project on the list for 2019 started in January when I took advantage of a mid winter mild spell to replace the rear brakes on Sandra's Suzuki Kizashi. As my garage is only small I can only pull in half a vehicle at a time but it sure beats working in the driveway!



With the old rotor removed the hub face was thoroughly cleaned to make sure the new rotor sits perfectly flat.



Although the dealer replaced one of the rear calipers last fall they didn't check the sliders as I found all 4 seized solid. Luckily with some penetrating oil and patience I managed to free them then thoroughly clean & re-lube with quality Permatex purple brake lubricant.



The caliper bracket was thoroughly cleaned where the stainless brake pad hardware sits. If this area is not surgically clean to shiny steel the new pads will not fit and move freely in and out causing premature wear and squealing brakes. A coat of Permatex purple brake lube was applied here before the stainless pad hardware was installed to prevent rust jacking of the new pads over time.



NAPA premium coated rotors replaced the rusty OEM rotors along with premium pads. Some anti-seize on the hub face and lip prevents the rotor and aluminum rim from sticking.



In late January some new tools arrived from EBay which will help kick start Project ATC 250sx. First is this special socket for removing the pinion bearing retainer inside the rear gear case. This specialty tool is really the only way to remove that retainer to replace the severely worn out pinion bearings.



Next to arrive was my new blind bearing puller kit. This kit includes 4 pullers that you place in the bearing or bearing race, tighten to expend the 4 jaws, then attach the slide hammer to hammer out the defective part. I used this to remove the bottom (small) pinion bearing on the 250sx gear case, and it will help make Honda Snowblower transmission repairs much faster.



Working in the garage is made much easier with a few specialty tools!



In February just before the Annual winter trip I decided to pick up some studs for the tires on Project Foreman. Although winter 2019 shaped up great in January we presently have no snow, but thanks to cold weather we have lots of ice.



Icy covered trails around Sooley's cabin are pretty treacherous so the added traction of studded tires will be a welcome addition for trail riding and hill climbing. Using my Milwaukee Fuel M18 impacter I quickly installed 700 1/2" studs in the 4 tires.




Cheers, MIKE


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