Area51 Mike's Backyard Repairs 2018:


Well outdoor repairs and maintenance around the house has started a little early this year. With the snow long gone but the grass not yet green I took advantage of the free time to give my old fire pit a coat of paint.



Mark and I had these made quite a few years ago, they started life as a 200lb propane cylinder converted to a fire pit with some careful cutting and welding. The thick steel has held up very well over the last 8 or 9 years. A coat of black brush on high heat Tremclad paint helps keep it looking good and protected from the weather.



Once the grass started turning green in May I picked up a load of lime to combat the moss and hit the front and back with 2 bags of triple 15 fertilizer. Another bag will be applied sometime in July.






Torbay and surrounding area was hit by a wicked wind and rain storm May 30th. I though I was lucky that all of my fence survived the brutal winter winds, only to loose a full section of posts form this late spring storm. Oh well I guess I'll be digging post holes again this summer!






The plants we purchased at a yard sale 4 years ago are still doing well in our front flower planter, getting bigger and fuller every year.



This is the section of fence that blew down in May. I temporarily propped it back up in place until I get the time to fix it properly. I plan to incorporate a 12' double gate in preparation for back yard access via a future 2nd driveway.


Cheers, MIKE

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