Area51 Project - Long's 2009 MXZ 800x:


Machine Specs:


2009 Bombardier MXZ 800x

REV-XP Chassis

Rotax 800r Power T.E.K.

Front: Dual A-arm, Kayaba HPG Clicker Shocks

Pilot 5.7 Skies

Rear: SC5 Skid, Kayaba HPG Clicker Shocks

Track: 120"x15"x1.75"

Brembo Brakes

6" Riser Block with RAM GPS Mount

Bombardier Gas Caddy

Protaper Bars

MBRP trail can

Acerbis Hand Guards


Sled Sold 2012


After trading in his track equipped 2010 Yamaha ATV, Long decided to get back into snowmobiling and picked up a great previously owned REV-xp 800r X-package sled. It was a long drive up the Northern Peninsula to pick it up, but it was certainly worth the effort as its a great sled!

This sled is equipped with Bombardier's 800r Power TEK - twin cylinder two stroke engine. Its a great running engine providing tons of power and relatively light weight. The previous owner swapped out the mild factory track for a much more aggressive 1.75" deep lug track. Even though this machine is a short track, the deep lug more then makes up the difference providing great performance in powder snow. Its a great set up and highly recommended for other short track sled owners.

As previously mentioned, this sled is an X-package so is has great, rebuildable and infinitely adjustable Kayaba HGP racing clicker shocks. The previous owner also installed a set of Pro-Taper aluminum handle bars as well as an MBRP trail can which sounds great without being obnoxious.

All in all a great sled!

Cheers, MIKE

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