Area 51 Location - Burton's Shed:



Maffer decided to replace his dilapidated baby barn in 2014 and decided to go as big as the City of Mount Pearl would allow. With plans approved he started work by removing topsoil and leveling an area for the concrete pad.




The form was made in two sections using 2x12 lumber on the outside and 2x8 for the inside tier. this would give a pad with about 11.5" thick on the outside and a floor thickness of about 4". The inside tier of wood was used only as a guide and was removed just before the concrete was poured. Pressure treated mud sills were installed on the outside edge.



After screening, the floor was given a rough finish by using a darby float.



First story was framed in traditional standards using 2x6 lumber.




The second story storage loft was framed by cutting down standard baby barn trusses so that the entire structure fell within city height guidelines.



The shed is now finished on the outside with vinyl siding and a overhead door. Next summer Maffer plans to insulate and sheet up the interior walls.


Cheers, MIKE

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