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   November 29, 2016



Fall 2015 - Site work begins for Bill's new 16x26 Garage. Concrete forms were made from 2x10 which will create a 9.5" thick pad to support the walls, while stone will be tapered in the centre for a 4" thick floor.





With the concrete set and form stripped it was on to walls. The walls are 8' high, 2x6 on 24" centers blocking half way up.









Fall 2015 saw the finishing of siding, soffit vent, shingles and the Man & Overhead Doors to make the building weather tight for winter.



Summer 2016: After a half year hiatus work got back underway as Bill and I prewired the electrical in the Garage. Final inspection and connections will be performed by a certified electrician.





We used 3" of SM Foam board behind the electrical panel to get an R15 behind the box and a great vapor barrier seal in that cavity.





Next up was itchy scratchy insulation.






Extra bracing was installed in the centre of the ceiling to facilitate the installation of a 110v electric hoist which will be used for working on snowmobiles and bikes.


Threaded rod will support the mounting bracket for the hoist.


Next on the list was running the electrical from the house to the garage, Bill dug the most perfect ditch for the electrical service, and low voltage conduit.




With the electrical service buttoned up Bill tackled vapour barrier.


Sheeting Day. Over a bunch of evenings, Bill along with assistance from the crew sheeted up the inside of the garage using 1/2" Plywood for a strong and reasonably smooth finish.




Ronnie hard at work cutting one of the last sheets which fitted around an outlet, the electrical panel, and the alarm panel.



The electrician did a fantastic job tying in the pony panel.


As of October 9th the garage is in first coat of primer. The plan is to painter's caulk the noticeable seams before the next primer coat, then it will be onto the finish colour.


Another step closer, painting is complete, and mouldings installed.




Also the outside work is finally complete with the installation of Aluminum flashing and aluminum/solid PVC trim around the overhead door. This was Bill's very first time bending and installing flashing and the job looks great!


Finally Bill's garage project finally nears completion. In one last push we had a great crew on hand to put on the finishing touches.


I finished the security system installation installing a partitioned system connected to the existing system in the house. This way you can arm the garage in the garage or from the house if you forget.






French and Strowe were on hand to install the mini-split heat pump which will efficiently heat the garage all winter long.



The boys certainly do a tidy job and take great pride in their work.


At long last Bills tools for passing away the summer finally have a place to call home. The Camaro will hibernate in the attached garage while the rest will reside in the new garage out back. A great end to a very nice project!


Cheers, MIKE

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